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Eficiencia Energética

                                                                                    Services recommendations for Healthcare buildings




                                                                                    Value proposition

                                                                                    Main drivers

                                                                                    • Since designing, installing and maintaining a hospital installation is complex and hazardous. It requires to master architectures, products and services offers, from the early preliminary design to operations.
                                                                                    • Patient safety is mandatory: the power supply must never be lost, nor a electrical disturbance produce human outages.
                                                                                    • Risk management is compulsory. How to prevent any outage, how to prove that all means have been taken into account.

                                                                                    Solution in brief
                                                                                    • Critical Power Services for Healthcare consist in a set of consistent services contract recommendations: a list of Schneider-Electric standard modules (including MGE APC services).
                                                                                    • These services modules are fully qualified, in combination with the recommended architectures : Availability, reliability, investment and operational costs.

                                                                                    Value proposition
                                                                                    • Peace of mind: Preventive and predictive maintenance that detect existing and future defaults before an outage.
                                                                                    • Business continuity / disaster recovery: Corrective operation time reduced due to efficient and closed expertise.
                                                                                    • Qualified services: measurable impact on availability and reliability 

                                                                                    Differentiation factors
                                                                                    • Optimium preventive maintenance: we know your installation, we master our architectures and equipments, both operation and maintenance schedule are efficiently managed.
                                                                                    • Optimium corrective maintenance: we know the process and the installation, so we can define the optimum stock of spare parts and the relevant availability of our technical specialists.
                                                                                    • Smart predictive maintenance: managed by experts, the continous analysis of your installation will detect defaults before they occur.

                                                                                    Arquitectura de la aplicación EE

                                                                                    Arquitectura de la aplicación EE

                                                                                    Main Energy Efficiency characteristics

                                                                                    Managing installation repair time:
                                                                                    • Real-time information makes it possible to improve the availability level by reducing service call lead-time.

                                                                                    Anticipating failures and optimising consumption levels:
                                                                                    • Full-time checking of key measurement values (current, voltage, frequency and power levels as well as harmonic ratios) in order to anticipate major failures.
                                                                                    • Automatic recording of power quality parameters when incidents occur so as to better understand their causes and to take the necessary measures to avoid them.
                                                                                    • A detailed analysis of power consumption levels by department and application, identifying those which appear excessive or unusual, of variations and of any other data essential to implementing an energy saving strategy to suit the operator's needs.

                                                                                    Managing maintenance costs:
                                                                                    • Optimised maintenance costs can be achieved not only by avoiding unnecessary service calls but also by encouraging remote troubleshooting and the ability to prepare servicing.
                                                                                    • Full-time power quality level monitoring makes it possible to quickly identify operating parameter drifts and therefore to avoid premature wear affecting electrical devices and sensitive medical equipment.

                                                                                    Services in detail:
                                                                                    • Preventives operation: detection of existing defaults
                                                                                      MP4: Definition of a specific maintenance plan according to critical parts
                                                                                      PREV: Preventive Maintenance Standard. pre-agreed maintenance operation planned and billed regularly during contract period.
                                                                                      ULTRA: Ultra contract on MGE equipments. Round-the-clock access to the technical support hotline. Guaranteed 8 working hour response time in standard mode, 8am to 5pm local time. An annual preventative maintenance inspection, to be scheduled during normal local working hours, 8am to 5pm. Technical upgrades according to safety requirements stipulated by the manufacturer. Labour cost included. Traveling time included within 200 km of MGE UPS SYSTEMS service centre. Spare parts included (excluding batteries). 
                                                                                      Replacement battery: Replacement battery contract. This service allows you to be completely free from any investmentor high expenditure worries, for maintaining or re-establishing the correct operation of your battery over a period of 3 to 5 years. 
                                                                                    • Corrective operations: reduction of repairing times
                                                                                      UTA: Urgent technical assistance. Commitment to be on time on site.
                                                                                      DR: Disaster recovery. Definition of procedures to apply in order to reduce downtime in case of failures.
                                                                                      UPSD x:Urgent Spare parts Delivery. Consulting in stock definition.
                                                                                      B2000: Battery monitoring B2000. Provides continuous monitoring, which identifies voltage variations at an early stage. Utilizes a unique Measurement Module for each 2 batteries, which is optically isolated. It lowers installation complexity and offers a more competitive solution. Provides an Event Log of all activities affecting the battery bank.
                                                                                      TLS: Telesuivi on MGE offer equipments. When an event occurs, your UPS automatically calls the Teleservice centre, which analyses the parameters and determines the level of importance of the call: abnormal or simple alert. You receive an alarm by e-mail, fax, SMS etc. Regional supervisor during working hours or the call-out network with hierarchical procedure defined in the contract.
                                                                                    • Predictive operations: detection of future defaults
                                                                                      RMQ: Continuous analysis of the electrical data, as a mean of improvement of power availability and quality.
                                                                                      PM1: Predictive maintenance 1. Regular Diagnostic on energized assets.
                                                                                    • Facility Services
                                                                                      FTA: Free Technical Assistance. if Schneider-Electric responsible, man-hours & travel fees for unplanned intervention included in contract prices.
                                                                                      FSP: Free supply of spare part. if Schneider-Electric responsible, spare parts for unplanned intervention included in contract prices.
                                                                                      MCEID: Management of customer database. Customer online access to the static data concerning his installation.
                                                                                      24/7 HD: Free access to helpdesk.
                                                                                      RENOV: Renovation. Planned one-shot investment (retrofit) included in contract fees (from CAPEX to OPEX).

                                                                                    Información adicional 

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                                                                                    Solution breakdown

                                                                                    Main Services:
                                                                                    • Preventives operation: detection of existing defaults
                                                                                    • Corrective operations: reduction of repairing times
                                                                                    • Predictive operations: detection of future defaults
                                                                                    • Facility Services