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Eficiencia Energética

                                                                                    Optimised pumping for swimming pool




                                                                                    Value proposition

                                                                                    Main drivers

                                                                                    • The private home-owner wants to save energy while optimising the water flow in his filtration system, keeping water moving for chemical dispensers and chlorinator efficiency.


                                                                                    Value proposition

                                                                                    • At 80% of the flow, power consumption drops by 50% using a variable speed drive!
                                                                                    • Up to 30% energy savings, optimising water flows for any application, filtration, cleaning, spa and heating...


                                                                                    Differentiation factors

                                                                                    • Minimise the pump energy costs by operating at the lowest possible flow rate.
                                                                                    • Place a variable speed drive Altivar 11 between the circuit breaker and the motor to achieve flow variation by electronically controlling the speed of the motor.

                                                                                    Arquitectura de la aplicación EE

                                                                                    Arquitectura de la aplicación EE

                                                                                    Main Energy Efficiency characteristics

                                                                                    The Altivar 11 drive combines all the functions that your application requires:

                                                                                    • Reduction of energy consumption
                                                                                    • Flow variation
                                                                                    • Simplicity of use
                                                                                    • Motor protection.

                                                                                    Información adicional 

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                                                                                    Solution breakdown

                                                                                    Main products and systems:
                                                                                    • Variable speed drive: Altivar 11
                                                                                    • Circuit breaker: Q1
                                                                                    • Contactor: KM1
                                                                                    • Circuit breaker (rated at twice the nominal primary cureent of T1): Q2
                                                                                    • Control circuit breaker: Q3
                                                                                    • Pushbuttons: S1, S2
                                                                                    • 100 VA transformer 220 V secondary: T1