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Eficiencia Energética

                                                                                    Optimise water pumping




                                                                                    Value proposition

                                                                                    Main drivers

                                                                                    • To reduce operating costs
                                                                                    • To sustain energy gains through reliable and efficient equipment operation
                                                                                    • The return on the investment should not exceed 24 to 36 months.


                                                                                    Value proposition

                                                                                    • Up to 30% energy saving 
                                                                                    • Controlled by a variable speed drive Altivar 61, motor power at 80% of nominal flux represents only 50% of nominal power in contrast with 95% for traditional control.
                                                                                    • You can evaluate your cost saving with the software ECO8.


                                                                                    Differentiation factors

                                                                                    The pump control will be done by a variable speed drive Altivar 61 equipped with its water "pump switching" card.


                                                                                    Arquitectura de la aplicación EE

                                                                                    Arquitectura de la aplicación EE

                                                                                    Main Energy Efficiency characteristics

                                                                                    • With its multi-pump option, the Altivar 61 provides flexibility for the management of several pumps.
                                                                                    • The variable speed pump is speed-controlled from the pump switching card and up to 4 additional external pumps can be controlled by DOL starters or preferably under soft starter control.
                                                                                    • As an option on demand the Altivar can be combined to a RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) that will guarantee acquisition and transmission of events and alarms.

                                                                                    Información adicional 

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                                                                                    Solution breakdown

                                                                                    Main products and systems
                                                                                    • Variable speed drive 5.5 kW 380...480 V 50/60 Hz + pump switching card: Altivar 61
                                                                                    • Pilot lights with DEL 24 VDC: H1-3, H11-13
                                                                                    • Interface relay 24 VDC 4 NO/NC contacts + socket: K1, K2, K3
                                                                                    • Contactor: KM1
                                                                                    • Magnetic motor circuit breaker + add-on N0+NC contacts: Q1
                                                                                    • Tesys U motor starter - Base 12 A, control unit, add-on contact module and contact block: QM2, QM3
                                                                                    • Key switch - 2 fixed positions: S1
                                                                                    • Power supply 24 VDC - 3 A: U1