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Eficiencia Energética

                                                                                    Compact pumping solution for lifting stations, small pumping stations or reservoirs




                                                                                    Value proposition

                                                                                    Main drivers:
                                                                                    • Dedicated to lifting, small pumping stations or tank stations with a maximum of 2 pumps to manage.

                                                                                    Solution in brief:
                                                                                    • This implementation constitutes an optimised, compact solution that provides the most interesting process data, such as water level, flow and pressure.

                                                                                    Value proposition:
                                                                                    • Manage a large network of pumping stations thanks to a telecommunication system reducing operating costs by 20%.

                                                                                    Differenciation factors:
                                                                                    • Pre-configured application
                                                                                    • Multiple standards: GSM, PSTN, Radio, leased line
                                                                                    • Protocol availability: Modbus, IEC870, DNP3
                                                                                    • Support of local team and partners by specialists

                                                                                    Arquitectura de la aplicación EE

                                                                                    Arquitectura de la aplicación EE

                                                                                    Información adicional 

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                                                                                    Solution breakdown

                                                                                    Main products & systems:
                                                                                    • Modules for infrastructures: : W@de RTU
                                                                                    • Arrancadores suaves para bomas y ventiladores (4kW a 1200kW): : Altistart 48