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            Module Elearning

            Coordination des Protections



            Training allows you to acquire the Merlin Gerin expertise (installation design, work with power on, etc.) for increased efficiency and a guarantee of improved customer service.

            The training catalogue includes beginners’ courses in electrical distribution, knowledge of MV and LV switchgear, operation and maintenance of installations, design of LV installations, to give but a few examples.


            Free e-learning: It targets electrical installation designers and covers Medium Voltage and Low Voltage protection coordination: how the coordination of protection allows you to optimize the performance and costs of your installation.

            9 modules of 10 mn each, as self service.
            1. Click on download to pick up the e-learning compressed (20 Mo)
            2. Decompress the files on your hard disk
            3. Click on index.htm to launch e-learning

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            Información adicional

            Información adicional