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            Systems approach

            Low Voltage Circuits-breakers and switches


            Low Voltage Circuits-breakers and switches: High flexibility, Increased productivity

            Moulded Circuit Breakers
            A very wide range of applications

            AC, DC 1000 V, 400Hz distribution protection, motor protection, continuity of supply, energy availability… the applications covered are extensive. Compact is quite simply a guaranteed high-performance installation compliance with international standards and local certifications.

            High flexibility
            The modular design of the equipment enhances its upgradeability and therefore the life of the installations. New protection or monitoring features can easily be added, standards-compliant ergonomic adjustments can be made to all the ranges and tripping devices are interchangeable, etc.

            Increased productivity
            Simple design, standard connections, automated discrimination and cascading calculations, remote monitoring of the installation via the Internet are just a few of the many features stemming from our desire to help you save time.


            High current Circuit Breakers Multi-applications
            Circuit-breakers, switches, source inverters … Masterpact covers all continuity of supply and energy availability applications. its high performance, even for 1000 V or 400 Hz applications, is suitable for all kinds of uses, even the most specific. Masterpact's range of communicating control units allows it to be integrated into all communication, architectures, therefore making it easier to run and maintain the installations.

            A flexible and upgradeable solution
            As the world moves on, business changes and installations follow suit, Masterpact keeps up to date due to its:
            - ongoing performance (up to 5 performance levels)
            - size rationalisation with volume optimisation (Masterpact NT has the smallest dimensions in the world)
            - control units that can be interchanged on site to enable the protection devices and associated measurements to be upgraded
            - standardised connections (single size connecting pads, a single 115 mm connection centreline, etc.)

            Safe installations
            The patented filtered disconnect device absorbs the energy released during a power shut-off, which limits the stress within the installation and the pollution outside.